Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Road to Greatness - Become a Better Athlete

Looking to become a better athlete? It takes dedication and hard work to be an athlete. Here's how you can become a better one.
Personal Trainer
To excel at sports you need to find a personal trainer who can push you to even higher levels of success. If you have a personal trainer and you just aren't seeing the results you need then it's time to re-evaluate your trainer. Sometimes all it takes is to find a trainer that has the same drive you do and wants to see you excel. Your trainer can be critical to your overall goals so make sure you have one that works for you. Don't hesitate to change if the arrangement isn't working for you.
Positive Enforcement
Your ability to excel at sports is very much mental as well as physical. If you're not being positive when it comes to your sport or athletics then you're missing out on something that can benefit you. If during your workout you are negative all the time then it's gone to become a habit and your attitude will make it difficult for you to excel and push forward. If on the other hand you reinforce yourself with positive messages, even if you fail then you will push through stumbling blocks and become a better athlete. The mind is just as important as your body in athletics.
If you're not performing as well as you want, then it's time to look at your overall strength. Often you just need a bit more training to get to where you want to be. A different routine can help and this is where your personal trainer can help you. As you get stronger you'll be able to evaluate your performances and times and see if there's an improvement.
While strength is important it isn't going to get you very far unless you have good flexibility. If there isn't the range of motion that you need then you'll need to improve your overall flexibility so you have just that little bit more you need for a better result. Just remember that many athletic events are won in a fraction of a second and your flexibility can play a role here.
Being able to keep going even when you're tired separates the average athlete from the exceptional one. You need the endurance to excel at athletics. The more you practice and work on your time and speed the better you'll get. Your body will adapt as you push it to higher levels.
What you eat is just as important as how hard you train. You might not be eating as well as you could for your sport. Seek the advice of a nutritionist and work through meal plans that better suit you. Having more energy from your meals can help you push through to new levels. Consider a sports nutritionist not just a regular one as they understand the needs of athletes.
Many Factors
It takes a lot of effort to become a better athlete. Be prepared to put in the effort to get there and keep a positive attitude. Seek a nutritionist, decent trainer, and never give up.

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